Swimming Pool Manufacturing Process

Heard all the stories about Hand laminated pools vs Chopper Gun pools?

It is not about the thickness of a pool that counts, don’t believe us?

Please read this analysis done by Stellenbosch University http://blogs.sun.ac.za/ctscanner/swimming-pool-analysis/

According to a test conducted by Stellenbosch University, it was concluded that:

In the two manufacturing processes utilised in the manufacturing of fibreglass swimming pools:

The modern Chopper Gun application method, versus The old and traditional Hand Lamination method It was found that “the chopper gun sample has a lower average porosity”

“While the hand lamination method has a higher average porosity as well as larger pores in general”

Advance Pools have invested in the latest and most modern fibreglass Chopper Gun application equipment, again making us the leaders and innovators in the South African pool industry.

The main advantage of Chopper Gun manufactured fibreglass swimming pools, lies in the precise control over mixtures and application, compared to normal hand lamination

The main strength of fibreglass swimming pools, is in the glass strands, and we are now able to increase the glass strand percentage, compared to the hand lamination process which requires a higher resin content to enable laminators to saturate the glass matt.

Due to the fact that hand lamination is much more labour intensive, utilising cheap and fairly unskilled labour, attention to detail is greatly compromised.

The world’s leading swimming pool, boat and yacht manufacturers use modern fibreglass application equipment.

Although our competitors claim that “it is cheaper to manufacture a pool using modern fibreglass application equipment”, they neglect to mention that they are either not able, or willing to lay out the capital to invest in modern fibreglass application equipment and the higher wages of skilled operators, and one must ask the question if the structure and integrity of a pool has been compromised for greed of a greater profit.

We at Advance Pools believe in job creation and upliftment of our people, and are continuoisly investing in training and education of our staff, ensuring the customer will be receiving a far superior and technologicaly advanced product. We do not believe in compromises.

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