Swim in 14 DAYS

This is the Time to invest in you and your family.

dreamed of owning your own fibreglass swimming pool?

A place to enjoy.
To be with your family and friends.
Your own slice of paradise.
Right at home..
Advance Pools has always been known for its’ superior pools – putting quality and craftsmanship at the forefront of all we do. We are also known for our unwavering commitment to customer service. Always going above and beyond to ensure that our customers are not only happy, but amazed at the end of the pool construction experience.

Read our testimonials – and learn what our customers say for yourself.

One other very important point to consider when deciding on which pool company to choose is the duration of the construction. How long will the pool company take to finish the job…. it’s a great question to ask your potential pool contractor.

At Advance Pools we take great pride in offering superior quality and craftsmanship, unbeatable service – all within the shortest time around.

Our “Swim in 14 Days” promise is not just a catchy phrase… it is our commitment to you. We can have you swimming in your new pool in 14 days or less. As you can read in the testimonials, some of our customers have been swimming in their new pools in less than 10 days! All this while ensuring that quality and service is not diminished in anyway.

We are “old hands” with vast experience but yet also having the knowledge of all the new industry developments, cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends and styles.

Advance Pools has been a leader in superior fibreglass swimming pools since 2000.

Many homeowners have taken advantage of this offer in order to increase the value of their homes. Many get a swimming pool just so they can relax in a resort style setting in our sunny South Africa climate.

There are many reasons for getting a swimming pool… whatever your reason is… you have made a good choice. A swimming pool is a great investment and will transform not only your house but also your life too. And with Advance Pools – you are in the best hands possible.

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