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Finding the right price for a swimming pool can be a frustrating endeavour.

That’s why ADVANCE POOLS has introduced a pioneering Swimming Pool Quotation platform, which simplifies the process and saves you valuable time.

When considering the installation of a fiberglass swimming pool, there are several variables to take into account, including:

– Choice of pool design
– Size
– Color
– Site location
– Access requirements (would you need a crane)
– Soil conditions
– Equipment options

Our Swimming Pool Quotation platform is easily accessible by selecting your desired pool shape and completing our POOL QUOTE FORM.

ADVANCE POOLS operates primarily in South and Southern Africa, utilizing a network of pool installers across different locations. This network may impact the pricing of your fiberglass pool.

Our pricing system eliminates the need to wait for quotes, allowing you to instantly compare prices for various pool shapes and even different installers in your area.

You have two options when generating your swimming pool quote:

1. DIY INSTALLATION: Purchase the fiberglass pool and install it yourself.
2. FULL INSTALLATION: Use our recommended installers in your area for professional installation.

Once you receive your quotation, you can review the costing breakdown and discuss your needs with your installer.

This overview highlights the factors that may affect your fiberglass pool price. For specific questions, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with our ADVANCE POOLS team and the recommended installer.

Advance Pools Fibreglass Pool Installation
Advance Pools Fibreglass Swimming Pool Installation
Advance Pools Fibreglass Pool Installation

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