Advance Pools is sensitive towards the current drought and water restriction in Cape Town and surrounding areas - However, we have made a plan to enable our clients to still proceed with their pool installations by providing a tanker service, with water from an unpottable source.

As we all know, the Western Cape is currently experiencing one if the worst droughts ever, and subsequently severe water restrictions have been imposed. 

However, at Advance Pools we are still making it possible for families to cool down from the heat, by providing a tanker service for filling up new swimming pools installed by Advance Pools, and with water from an unpottable source.

To answer some common questions:

Are we allowed to install a swimming pool? According to a confirmation by City of Cape Town Municipality, there are no restrictions on pool installations:

There are no restrictions regarding building of swimming pools or building works, except for best practice methods in conserving water at this stage. You will be liable for the water you will use during these operations. No formal notification to water department is required other than the usual process of informing the building inspector regarding commencement, excavations etc.

How much will it cost me should I decide to use Municipal water to fill up my new pool?

Below is a table explaining the estimated costs when using Municipal water for the City of Cape Town:

(To determine the quantity of water required to fill your pool, you could use the following formula: Length x Width x Average Depth (Shallow end depth + Deep end depth divided by 2))
Thus: If your pool is 6m x 3m, with a shallow end depth of 1m and a deep end of 1.6m then calculate as follows:
Determine average depth: 1+1.6=2.6 then divide by 2 = 1.3
Now calculate volume: 6 x 3 x 1.3 = 23.4 Kili Litre (1 Kilo Litre equals 1000 Litres)

Water 2016/17 (domestic full) Steps


Level 1 (10% reduction) Normal tariffs Rands (incl VAT)

Level 2 (20% reduction) During level 2 restrictions Rands (incl VAT)

Level 3 (30% reduction) During level 3 restrictions Rands (incl VAT)

Step 1 (>0 ≤ 6Kl)


R 0.00 R 0.00 R 0.00
Step 2 (>6 ≤ 10.5Kl)


R 14.89 R 15.68 R 16.54
Step 3 (>10.5 ≤ 20Kl)


R 17.41 R 20.02 R 23.54
Step 4 (>20 ≤ 35Kl)


R 25.80 R 32.65 R 40.96
Step 5 (>35 ≤ 50Kl)


R 31.86 R 48.93 R 66.41
Step 6 (>50Kl)


R 42.03 R 93.39 R 200.16


This is the City of Cape Town’s guideline, the other Municipalities differ slightly, this is the most expensive tariffs of all municipalities

Should you have any further questions, you can mail below address or click on below website:

Visit the City of Cape Town website for more information.

Manual topping up of swimming pools is allowed only if the pool is fitted with a pool cover. No automatic top-up systems are allowed.


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